Confused with Python instructions


File "python", line 5
print count_to = 5000
SyntaxError: invalid syntax

Well I expect for clear instructions. It wants me to set my variable count_to = to the sum of two large numbers.

So the first line of code is already displayed and set print count_to = 5000

Then two lines below that and with 4 indentations I use count_to = 2500 + 2500

But it keeps spitting out that my syntax is wrong. I'm not sure what the instructions are asking of me. Should that first line remain blank and without a sum number? Then I just add two numbers below that? Because it's asking for my variable which is count_to, is it not?

print count_to = 5000

    count_to = 2500 + 2500


print it after you define it and you'll be set.


Hey there, I ended up figuring it out. I appreciate the response.


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