Confused with booleans


I am on the boolean section and I am confused what I did wrong?


Why do you have everything in quotation marks ("")?


Remember that anything in "" is taken as a string so with all your variables and values within them they are noted as strings not variables, and remember that only letters go in "" except you want the number as a string, in the case of boolean, putting True or False in a "" turns it to a string and not a python keyword. Hope this helps.


I did not add the quotes despite that I face the same problem, any suggestions ??


I’m having the same problem, I did as it say but anytime happened.
I did not used the quotation marks


I am having the same issue, how to solve?


Check your Code.
First make sure you don’t enter "
And also for your my_bool input it appears you are typing my-bool instead
Make sure you are using a underscore.


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