Confused about the roadmap

Hi guys,

I am new to Codecademy and have completed Learn Javascript. However, I am now quite disoriented and have difficulty navigating the next courses. My goal is to be able to use Javascript to build a website, then an app. I don’t know whether I should learn about libraries (React Native, Vue.js,…) or anything else.

I would really appreciate all your recommendations!

If you want to build a website first then you should probably do HTML/CSS next. Then I would suggest the React front-end framework. After this it depends a bit on what you are talking about as far as App. I am assuming mobile App and not web App. React Native can be used for that but you could also use another language such as Swift (iOS) or Java or Kotlin (Android). If you are more interested in full stack web apps then possibly Node.js, Express (framework), and learn about databases. They got some paths that cover the material in a reasonable order…

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Oh nice this is much clearer now. Thank you!

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