Confused about the course content

I first completed the free course “Make a Website” and found it quite interesting. So I subscribed to Pro course and just completed the “HTML & CSS”. Though the content in “HTML & CSS” is more details, however, it does not cover the Bootstrap, which included in the free course instead. So, where/when will I start learning Bootstrap? I looked into the Projects, some require using bootstrap…:confused:

Congratulations :smile:
The make a website course has boostrap in it,
Have you done the new make a website course ?

Yes, I completed that already.

But the Pro course…I mean the Full Stack Path, should cover it , right?

While “HTML & CSS” covers other area of “Make a Website”, I think this is non-sense not to cover this the Bootstrap in more details. I think there is problem with the course design


If you want to ask for an improvement for this course, I suggest you post your request in this place->Feature Course Request

Yes it will be under full stack I was asking as about two weeks ago a new make a website course came out (replaced the old one)

I just saw your profile yip you completed it, At the moment CodeCademy doesn’t have a course on Bootstrap you can google and see

That’s good. I shall wait for their update of the course and “retake”…:grinning:

html + css is not part of the pro subscription. The quizzes in html + css + projects are, but not the full html + css course.

Also, you can read more about bootstrap on the boostrapsite link