Confused about pro/free/trial status

Hi there- i’ve been assigning codecademy activities to my students for several years and even had a conference call with some CA folks about possible improvements (from a teacher perspective) a while back. I’ve assigned things like learn html/css and jquery, all of which have sunsetted. It’s confusing as i have several classes and had linked to them, and often things will change mid-semester, or you can see badges but not completion indicators.
Now i can’t tell if ANY courses are still free, or whether everything is a pro trial for 7 days.
Is there anywhere i can find clarification for this? I’ll i’ve been able to dig up is an old post on stack overflow from an admin.

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There is still free content:

to list a few, all courses can be found under:

and then select: my courses button, i can’t link to this given the content is loaded dynamically.

the teacher tools no longer exist, although they still want to release improved teacher tools this year:

Teacher Resources

this topic also suggest to use google classroom for now, until the new teacher tools are released. I hope that answers all your questions! :slight_smile:


Thank you for this-
When i go to the /learn page it doesn’t really show the list of course apart from the menu below- and my path- but as long as we know the others are free i can continue to have my students work on them.
Is there one list in one place that shows all with pro/not-pro?

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on the /learn page, click the my courses button:


its white when not active, it turns purple when clicked. Or is that also part of Pro? i didn’t think it was

no, but with the my courses button you should see all the courses you have access to

Hi! actually I’m trying to learn web development via code academy but it force me to join as a pro member. the fact is my country has been Sanctioned by America, so unfair!!!
so maybe 20$ is not a great amount for Americans but it is for us!!!

and it comes to lots of political decision that it really doesn’t relate to learning and knowledge.

I don’t know what it is in your religion or your culture but as a muslim and an Iranian we learned that sharing our knowledge is human action that all of us are supposed to do it.

and it is really nice if all the human beings be wise enough to get the good points of every culture. maybe we’ll have a better life.


Quite confused about the Pro/free as well :confused:

When I created the account and a pop-up about 7days pro trial came up, I clicked on the background trying to escape it, as I did not want to start it.

After couple of days I realised I had the trial started anyways. I have started Python 3 course, which I have finished in 60% yesterday, only to realise that it was part of the PRO courses and I can’t continue it today without subscribing. It is really not clear for someone who just registered what is free and what is not, especially if you upgrade to account to PRO right away.

Anyway, enough complaining - my question is if there is big difference between Python 3 and Python 2? Is Python 2 still useful, or is it somehow becoming outdated?
Since Python 2 course is free, I am considering to do it, can I just skip the topics I have done in Python 3 course and be fine?


Hi @noispaxen, I want you to know I’ve passed along the description of your confusion to the team that designs those pages. Turns out they’re actively working on a solution. Really looking forward to seeing it rolled out. :slight_smile: If you still need some help with your account, though, I’ve also alerted our Support team to the issue you outlined, so they’re ready to assist you! Please take the link to this thread and include it in your message to them, via :+1:

Regarding Python, though, I’ll tag in our resident Pythonista @jsnceo to help, if he gets the chance!

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Barely. If you call the first couple of lessons of a course free than sure. You get some super basic intro stuff for free otherwise everything worth it they want you to break they bank paying for. Once this website was good but they got greedy.

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All of the HTML and CSS courses’ lessons are completely free, though the quizzes and projects require a PRO subscription. There are also several other courses available whose lessons are free (again, not the quizzes or the projects). You can find the full catalogue here. All the courses that don’t have a PRO Exclusive Course label provide free access to all lessons.

Is it possible to learn Bootstrap on Codecademy for free? Or is everything pro trial now?

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Bootstrap is a PRO course, so it will require a trial or subscription.