Confused about pro/free/trial status


Hi there- i’ve been assigning codecademy activities to my students for several years and even had a conference call with some CA folks about possible improvements (from a teacher perspective) a while back. I’ve assigned things like learn html/css and jquery, all of which have sunsetted. It’s confusing as i have several classes and had linked to them, and often things will change mid-semester, or you can see badges but not completion indicators.
Now i can’t tell if ANY courses are still free, or whether everything is a pro trial for 7 days.
Is there anywhere i can find clarification for this? I’ll i’ve been able to dig up is an old post on stack overflow from an admin.

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There is still free content:

to list a few, all courses can be found under:

and then select: my courses button, i can’t link to this given the content is loaded dynamically.

the teacher tools no longer exist, although they still want to release improved teacher tools this year:

Teacher Resources

this topic also suggest to use google classroom for now, until the new teacher tools are released. I hope that answers all your questions! :slight_smile:


Thank you for this-
When i go to the /learn page it doesn’t really show the list of course apart from the menu below- and my path- but as long as we know the others are free i can continue to have my students work on them.
Is there one list in one place that shows all with pro/not-pro?

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on the /learn page, click the my courses button:


its white when not active, it turns purple when clicked. Or is that also part of Pro? i didn’t think it was

no, but with the my courses button you should see all the courses you have access to