Confirmed BUG Saving Data Controller

if you go step two in ask you to create a route that maps the URL /messages to the Messages controller’s index action.

if you keep clicking on run until you can give up and get the code it gives you this
get ‘/messages’ => ‘messages#index’

I reset the exercise and tried again and copy and pasted the code back in so it is exactly as the correct answer and it still won’t pass. if you are stuck on this just hit the get code and move on cause its not you its the lesson.

Edit: this error occurred on chrome current version as of 2/8/2018

I found out that the issue is indirectly affected by the rake db:migrate and rake db:seed commands (Steps 3 and 4 in Exercise 2) being marked as correct, even though it has an error.

If you try to rerun those commands, you would see this error:

Gem::LoadError: You have already activated rake 12.3.0, 
but your Gemfile requires rake 10.4.2. 
Prepending 'bundle exec' to your command may solve this.

Just run the commands as instructed (e.g. bundle exec rake db:migrate), then the error in the messages section should go away.

Of course, it’d be great to have codecademy fix this soon. :slight_smile:


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