Configuring VS code to Python

Hello, I’ve been following Codecademy for a bit more than a week and loving it but I tried coding directly from VS code instead of Codecademy’s built-in command-line and I’ve been having a lot of trouble.
it says that my pythonpath is invalid in the launch.json and I don’t know how to fix it. Any help would be greatly appreciated I’ve already spent a few hours watching videos and reading articles/posts without success.
thank you!!

Hi there, welcome to the community.

Python isn’t included with Windows as standard, you need to install it separately.

Have you already installed Python on your Windows computer? (It’s available through the Microsoft Store, or by download from the official site).

Because you’re typing it into the settings GUI rather than in the settings.json file you don’t need to write it in “key”: “value” format. You should be fine just putting in your python path as-is with no quotes:


*assuming that’s where you have python installed

Thank you for your answer! It still does not work. I already have Python installed and made sure that’s where it was. I changed it in the format that you showed but it still says it’s wrong in the launch. JSON file. I will upload a pic of what that file looks like on my computer.

Yep, I’ve installed it and all but it is still not working

Did you close and reopen launch.json? Sometimes those squiggles don’t go away right away

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I took the pythonPath line and then stoponentry line bc they weren’t in my version of vs code but they were in the 2018 version i watched a video on today. now happy birthday which i was i had printed shows in my terminal but with a lot of different messages. Nothing shows in my debug console or output.