Configuring github


I am trying to configure Git onto my desktop. It says to set up a password cache. Here is the article ref -

However, when I open git bash and type in the command, nothing happens. What do I do?

Appreciate the input.

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I don’t think you’re supposed to see anything happen. You’re simply configuring something. Just know that it’s probably successful if you don’t have a problem anymore

Right. I am still very stuck though

I went a little ahead. When I try to push the folder into Git Hub, it doesn’t ask for authentication. I eventually Ctrl c and it breaks. What to do?

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Hey, @trishnapandey0880521.

It would help us if you could share a little more information with code about what you’re trying to do and that would help us figure out what’s going wrong here.

The first time that you tried to push into a repository, did Git ask you to login using your credentials? And does it ask for your credentials every time you try to push something into the repository?


Thats the issue. it is not asking for any credentials. The cursor goes to the next line and gets stuck when I give the following instructions
git push -u origin main [as per git instructions]

Do let me know what info I could send. I followed the instructions shown in the video to set up Git and Github.

Appreciate any input.

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Run git branch. Your branch might be called master rather than main. If you see that your branch is called master, do git push -u origin master

Hi @trishnapandey0880521
Can you try running the following the command and see if it gives an output or not?

git remote -v

In the output, do you see the same repository on Github that you’re trying to push to from your local repository?
Reach out if this isn’t working!