Configure Git to display file path

Hi. I saw this in a codecademy video where Git was setup to display the user and file path. How do I configure Git on my machine to do the same? Thanks.

Are you talking about git bash, or git itself? (Git bash is imo a poorly named shell).

Is that screenshot of your computer? Because that is in fact your path. If it’s not showing you can look up how to configure your git-bash user profile bashrc - How do I modify my Git Bash profile in Windows? - Super User and in general look up how to edit to see the directory environment variables - How to add a directory to the PATH? - Ask Ubuntu

If you’re looking to do it to CMD or powershell (I recommend using powershell through a program like Terminal or cmder) then the path will also already display.

I am talking about BASH.

I was able to locate a solution of Super User to setup the PS1 variable to display the PATH in the command line. How can I display the absolute path in bash prompt? - Super User