Confidence-shattering: Hurricane Analysis Project (Data Science Fundamentals II)


I am reaching out to see how other learners are feeling about this…

I am currently trying to do this project and it’s been a constant struggle and some really dark days.
I started learning Python last October (with some breaks due to illness) and before I started this project, I thought I was getting better at programming but this project is truly confidence-shattering for me

I find myself forced to check the solution after breaking my head for 1-2 hours on nearly each exercise -
I also try NOT TO COPY the solutions without understanding them first, or at least trying to
In some instances, I cannot understand the suggested code at all -

What is even more disheartening, I can hardly find useful stuff to help me solve this by googling
Everything out there seems to be so easy and basic that it just does not help at all

Sharing today’s frustration, tomorrow should be a better day

Anyone else in the same position? What has been your experience?


I felt the same way and nearly gave up on codecademy! Check for help on groups.
Also can you jump to the next project on your view path? It’s a step by step exercise to practice dictionaries and it’s a lot easier!


Thanks! It feels a lot better to hear that other learners share my despair
In the end I decided to skip this project for the time being and move forward
I am planning to return to it a little later when hopefully I feel more optimistic about it

Hello! Honestly, I feel the same way about this project. I skipped over it and continued with the rest of the pathway because I just couldn’t understand ANYTHING! I feel like what we learned on Codecademy wasn’t enough to help prepare us for some projects. There are some pieces of code in the solutions that were never mentioned in the modules.


We will keep trudging towards our goals and get there eventually! We got this!

I started in September so I’m not too far from your progress I think. Would you like to work together to look over each other’s code while in this process? Let me know. :slight_smile:

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Hi, I started the Data Science learning path & am doing okay understanding the tasks, but the projects seem to jump majorly in expectation of what I should be able to do, without the “view solution” option.

I’ve also struggled with finding answers on google. I took a 3 week break after the cypher project I felt so stupid!

I felt the same way you did. The Cypher project left me feeling so unprepared. I felt like I wanted to give up completely because I felt I was supposed to know everything I needed to know for it but I did not. I felt better after skipping the project and learning more. Telling myself it is okay to come back. I am now on the Hurricane Analysis Project which I feel is a bit more attainable but still a hefty challenge. I feel ill-prepared but I don’t feel as beaten down as the cypher project had me feeling. These forums really help me.

I know this topic is a bit old but just want to share that I also struggle with the Hurricane project. I’m lucky to have the bf who’s a data sciencetist to teach me, but even he said it’s difficult.

Whoever’s struggling, it’s not just you! Learning is difficult but it doesn’t mean we can’t do it. It might take some times. Find the approach you’re comfortable with and learn at your own pace! We can do this👍

Hello everyone, I believe we all face challenges in our learning journeys, but the crucial aspect is to maintain consistency and never stop learning. This project feels a bit daunting because it requires acquiring additional knowledge to bridge the gap. My approach when working on data science or any project is to pause, learn what is necessary, and then return to the project with renewed focus. The essential point is to persevere and not give up.

Oh my lord, friend! You are inventing punishments for yourself to no end. If you don’t know the answer, don’t force yourself to just spend 1-2 hours beating yourself up! How on Earth does that serve the purpose of education?! If you need to review, you need to review! Freaking out and flagellating yourself won’t make you magically know or understand something you don’t!

THANKFULLY, you aren’t at WORK, or in a LABOR CAMP, you’re AT SCHOOL! You aren’t supposed to already be an expert, the whole point of this is to learn CHALLENGING, COMPLICATED stuff you DON’T KNOW!

Next time, if you can’t figure it out in 10-15 minutes, just look at the friggin’ solution and review the concepts! Hahahahaha! If you have to read about something twice in order to learn it, that’s not somehow less valid than if you learned it after reading about it once! The point is that you learn it!

The purpose of education isn’t to prove yourself as a Spartan who can take hours of totally pointless punishment! It’s just to learn the material!

Yes, of course, you need to put some effort into trying to work everything out and think through everything on your own. But If you are lost, you are lost, and you are wasting a huge amount of time and energy by trying to force your brain to get blood from a stone.

If you were driving and you missed a turn, and realize that you’re lost, would you spend the next 1-2 hours just driving in random directions, using up all your gas, getting more and more frustrated? Or would you just take out your phone, look at a friggin map, and backtrack for a little bit until you were back on course?!

Oh, and also:

I guarantee this is a universal experience for literally everyone except, like, savant child prodigies.

I am not a stupid man. I never, ever came close to failing a course when I was in college. I would show up incredibly hungover and depressed at my A&P class, have no idea there was an exam that day, and I’d just knock it out in a couple minutes, get an “A” and go back home to sleep it off.

But this stuff has genuinely overwhelmed me, repeatedly. I have literally never found myself actually having no idea whatsoever how to answer a question in an academic setting. This has happened many times since I started learning this stuff.

But I’m not freaking out, because I know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that the only difference between the process of learning something simple and the process of learning something complex is how long it will take.

It doesn’t matter if you start with a little river stone or a towering mountain–if you start chipping away at it and DON’T STOP, then you WILL, eventually, have nothing before you but a pile of rock dust.

P.S.: seriously, ask ChatGPT or Claude or something if you can’t find useful stuff for your specific problem just by googling. I mean you can literally tell it exactly what the problem is, ask it to walk you through every step of its solution, define every technical term it uses, offer alternative approaches, etc.

They really shine in the capacity of “programming tutor”

Unlike the writer of that statement, a soon to be waiter. Trusting AI to teach is like trusting a banana to peel itself. We are the ones teaching the AI!

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