Confidence-shattering: Hurricane Analysis Project (Data Science Fundamentals II)


I am reaching out to see how other learners are feeling about this…

I am currently trying to do this project and it’s been a constant struggle and some really dark days.
I started learning Python last October (with some breaks due to illness) and before I started this project, I thought I was getting better at programming but this project is truly confidence-shattering for me

I find myself forced to check the solution after breaking my head for 1-2 hours on nearly each exercise -
I also try NOT TO COPY the solutions without understanding them first, or at least trying to
In some instances, I cannot understand the suggested code at all -

What is even more disheartening, I can hardly find useful stuff to help me solve this by googling
Everything out there seems to be so easy and basic that it just does not help at all

Sharing today’s frustration, tomorrow should be a better day

Anyone else in the same position? What has been your experience?


I felt the same way and nearly gave up on codecademy! Check for help on groups.
Also can you jump to the next project on your view path? It’s a step by step exercise to practice dictionaries and it’s a lot easier!

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Thanks! It feels a lot better to hear that other learners share my despair
In the end I decided to skip this project for the time being and move forward
I am planning to return to it a little later when hopefully I feel more optimistic about it

Hello! Honestly, I feel the same way about this project. I skipped over it and continued with the rest of the pathway because I just couldn’t understand ANYTHING! I feel like what we learned on Codecademy wasn’t enough to help prepare us for some projects. There are some pieces of code in the solutions that were never mentioned in the modules.


We will keep trudging towards our goals and get there eventually! We got this!

I started in September so I’m not too far from your progress I think. Would you like to work together to look over each other’s code while in this process? Let me know. :slight_smile: