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Having trouble with this code section won't let me proceed anybody got an idea?


Can you include your code and the error message please! :slight_smile:


Make me false!

bool_one = (2 <= 2) and "Alpha" == "Bravo" # We did this one for you!

Make me true!

bool_two = (5 >= 2) and "Alpha" == "Bravo"

Make me false!

bool_three = (2 >= 5) and "Alpha" == "Bravo"

Make me true!

bool_four = (2 < 5) and "Alpha" == "Bravo"

Make me true!

bool_five = (7 > 6) or "Apple" == "Bravo"


In the example, it shows you how to make a false statement.
You use that to make false statements in all four of the problems you're doing yourself.
The reason that bool_one is false, is because "Alpha" and "Bravo" are not the same string, and do not equal each other.


Additionally, you need to use each boolean operator, not, and, or at least once.


i think thats all i needed for now.


Alright, make sure you read the instructions carefully. :slight_smile:


How do you use (not) ?

Make me true!

bool_two = (3 < 4) not "Alpha" == "Bravo"
What did I do wrong here?


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