Conditionals & Control Flow


Hi, I am new here! I have an issue, here:


Make me true!

bool_five = (3 < 5) not (3 > 5)

I have to use the not operator but I do not know what is the problem, I hope I don't look silly, and I hope I will get answers for my problem. :slight_smile: I reckon that you understood this, and if you can do it, and I am sure about it. Tell me. I know this is not so hard, but I'd like to know and learn programming very hard.


Hi, I think what you need to do is add an operator and

bool_five=(3<5) emphasized text not(3>5)

so, True and True = True


You need to create two sentences that return the value True, e.g.:

bool_five = 2+2==4 and 6<10

So, the answer to these two sentences will be True.


Tahnk ypu for the answer, I've looked after it, and I could correct this problem, but the problem was that I used one "=" instead of two "==". So thank you :slight_smile:


sure, no problem you're welcome!


I had to use 'not', but I could correct it, and thank You for the answer. :slight_smile:


board player is correct


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