Conditionals & Control Flow The Big If


Conditionals & Control Flow
The Big If

What's wrong with this code?

# Make sure that the_flying_circus() returns True
def the_flying_circus():
    if 100==100:    # Start coding here!
        return True# Don't forget to indent
        # the code inside this block!
    elif 12!=12:
        return False# Keep going here.
        # You'll want to add the else statement, too!
    else Not 10>20:
        return True


There should be no expression on else. Also, it's not and not Not.



@creat Else statements are left without conditions and not isn't suppose to be capitalized.


Set bool_one equal to the result of False or not True and True .
how to code this give a example please


Can you send a link to the exercise?



should we use values or simple the statement itself


They want you to quite literally paste the answers given in the directions into the booleans, although I don't understand the benefit of that... :confused:


no problem i just typed same.. i got output.



These are the basics of Python....they are definitely not qualified enough to get you a job.


What can i do then .. suggest me ..
i have mentioned as i know only basics of python.. i did it for my project .in embedded..

im from elec dept


I don't know how much time you have. But, here are few suggestions to speed up learning.

  1. Sams Teach Yourself Python in 24 Hours - Pearsoncmg

  2. Learn Python the Hard Way

  3. HackerRank

Hope this helps! :slight_smile:


Thanks a lot pal..
i think i can try hacker rank immediately after doing code academy.. i have one week time


Okay, all the best.

Have fun coding! :slight_smile:


HI i need help!!

print 'Welcome to the Pig Latin Translator!'

Start coding here!
my_variable = "original"
original = raw_input("Enter a word:")
print "original"

is the program correct.. or shouldn't i use print "original"


You don't need this:

You already declared your new variable in the next line.

See full below now.

print 'Welcome to the Pig Latin Translator!'

# Start coding here!
original = raw_input("Enter a word:")
print 'original'


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