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Hi guys!

So I am failing to understand why the function clinic ends with clinic(). An explanation would be much appreciated. cheers!


Are we suppose to remember all the code for all the exercises? Please share your code and exercise url, if i have to hazard a guess i would say its the function call which executes the function, functions only execute when called


hey tks for the quick response. Here are culprits:

def clinic():
print "You’ve just entered the clinic!"
print "Do you take the door on the left or the right?"
answer = raw_input(“Type left or right and hit ‘Enter’.”).lower()
if answer == “left” or answer == “l”:
print "This is the Verbal Abuse Room, you heap of parrot droppings!"
elif answer == “right” or answer == “r”:
print "Of course this is the Argument Room, I’ve told you that already!"
print "You didn’t pick left or right! Try again."



I’m referring to the second occurrence of clinic() and not the last.


in case of invalid input, the function calls itself to offer the user another change to input something valid



Thank you!


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