Conditionals & Control Flow Compare ... Closelier!


Hey guys, can anyone help to check my logic in the below. Its a problem I keep facing, cant get the program to print a result after running the code, so I am trying to get help here to confirm if my logic is correct or wrong. Thanks a lot

Assign True or False as appropriate on the lines below!

(20 - 10) > 15

bool_one = False # We did this one for you!

(10 + 17) == 3**16

Remember that ** can be read as ‘to the power of’. 3**16 is about 43 million.

bool_two = False

1**2 <= -1

bool_three = False

40 * 4 >= -4

bool_four = True

100 != 10**2

bool_five = False


This is not a printing exercise, but visual evaluation practice. You have done what is expected, set the bool_n variables according to the expressions given. That’s all that needs doing. If there are no errors, the SCT will let you pass.


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