Conditionals and work flow ex. 10 stuck


5.condititonals and work flow exercise 10 ( mix n match)

File "python", line 13
bool_four = ("blue"=="blue") not (2<1)
SyntaxError: invalid syntax

# Use boolean expressions as appropriate on the lines below!

# Make me false!
bool_one = (2 <= 2) and "Alpha" == "Bravo"  # We did this one for you!

# Make me true!
bool_two = (3<4) and ("hehe" == "xd")

# Make me false!
bool_three = (3<2) or (4<2)

# Make me true!
bool_four = ("blue"=="blue") not (2<1)

# Make me true!
bool_five = ("haha"="haha") and ("xd"="xd")


not can be used to make false true and vice versa

it can't be used like or or and. you can do:

condition1 or not condition2

but not can't be used to check for two conditions like you did


please can you use an example becouse i cant get it yet
thanks in advance


there is an example in my answer:


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