Conditionals and Control Flows



So I am going through Python Conditionals and Control Flows : slight_smile:

Set each variable to True or False depending on what you think the result will be.
For example, 1 < 2 will be True, because one is less than two.
Set bool_one equal to the result of 17 < 328 ------------------ True
Set bool_two equal to the result of 100 == (2 * 50) ----------- True
Set bool_three equal to the result of 19 <= 19 ----------------- True
Set bool_four equal to the result of -22 >= -18 ----------------- False
Set bool_five equal to the result of 99 != (98 + 1) ------------- False

I feel like I am correct, but when I try to run the code, there is no result at all. Nothing happens … I seem to be experiencing this problem a lot. Anyone else has this problem, is this a bug ?

Thanks …


It is not a bug. In those exercises there is no output. Therefore, a correct answer produces no output and unlocks the arrow to the next part. An incorrect answer is indicated by a psudo error message generated in the editor explaining you have done something wrong.

Additionally, a correct answer is indicated by a green checkmark in the box by the instructions for the exercise.

:slight_smile: X


I ran the code again, but I don’t see any arrow unlocked or green checkmark … where am I supposed to see it ?

So is my code correct or wrong ?


The check box (on the left, part of the exercise) either gets a red X (incorrect) or a green checkmark (correct). But also, the editor produces a “psudo” error message if your values are incorrect (I tested it).

Your logic evaluation looks correct to me.

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I still don’t see the red X(incorrect) or green checkmark(correct) thing. Is it under the “learn” tab or “instuctions” tab on the checkbox on the left ?


Under the “instructions” on the left. I wish I could get ya a screeny, but, my keyboard mapping (for screenshots) is not right, lol.


I see a green box with a white “tick” under instructions beside the number 1 — is that the one ?

However, it was there even before I started coding my answers , ie the green box with the white “tick” below it was already there at the start when the page loaded.


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