Conditionals and Control Flow: If problems


The instructions were to replace "Replace the underline on line 2 with an expression that returns True." and "Replace the underline on line 6 with an expression that returns True." but I'm not sure where I messed up. Can someone please clear this doubt for me? The error was "'using_control_once'" is not defined :confused:

def true_function_1():
if 1 < 2:
return True

def true_function_2():
if 3 > -4:
return True

print using_control_once()
print using_control_again()


It looks like you have changed fuctions names. You should only change area where underlines where.

def true_function_1(): on def using_control_once():
and def true_function_2(): on def using_control_again():
and you should be alright.

Lesson about functions will be a little bit further in the course.