Conditionals and Control Flow Help


Oops, try again. Double check your value for bool_five!

For it to be False.

bool_one = False or not True and True is False

bool_two = False and not True or True is True

bool_three = True and not (False or False) is True

bool_four = not not True or False and not True is True

bool_five = False or not (True and True) is False


Write your visual evaluation of the expressions, and nothing else.

# False or not (True and True)
bool_five = False

The others should follow the same idea.


Thanks, I will give this a shot.


But in this one, it tells me to write the arguments equaling to the variables.


In this exercise we are at liberty to be creative, but remember is it meant to be something the means something to us, so limit the creative license.

# Make me true!
bool_two = Math.pi > 3 and Math.e < 3

Just as an example. Remember to use the range of operators, comparison and logical.


Thanks, much appreciated.


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