Conditionals and Control Flow: Compare Closely!


I would be grateful if somebody could address my problem at the earliest possible.:slight_smile:

Below is the link to the exercise I'm am stuck at:
Stuck at this exercise

The run screen displays indentation error. I tried a few different codes. First, I used both if and elif commands and then I used only commands but none worked. I got indentation error all the time.

I'm not sure how to proceed further. I've checked the hints but my doubt isn't resolved.

bool_one = True   # We did this one for you!
     if 17 < 328
        True == True


you need to set bool_one to True or False depending on the condition (which you have to evaluate manually)

so this code:

     if 17 < 328
        True == True

shouldn't be in the editor


Set this to True if 17 < 328 or to False if it is not.

bool_one = 17 < 328

Set this to True if 100 == (2 * 50) or to False otherwise.

bool_two = 100 == (2 * 50)

Set this to True if 19 <= 19 or to False if it is not.

bool_three = 19 <= 19

Set this to True if -22 >= -18 or to False if it is not.

bool_four = -22 >= -18

Set this to True if 99 != (98 + 1) or to False otherwise.

bool_five = 99 != (98 + 1)

You need to assign the condition to your variables and the compiler will help you check whether it is true or false


no, look at the instructions: set bool_one equal to the result of 17 < 328, the result of 17 < 328 is true, so you should set bool_one to true

you have to manually evaluate the conditions to learn them


So, should the code be like
if 17< 328
bool_one = True
bool_one = False


no, 17 < 328 is true, so the code should be:

bool_one = True

you manually evaluate the condition, then you set bool_one (bool_two and so on) to a boolean value (True when condition is true, otherwise the condition is false, so you set the variable to False)


Thank you so much! I was pretty confused.. :smile: I'm clear now.


yea, the instructions are tricky. Good that its clear now :slight_smile: