Conditional or||

Our restaurants can’t seat parties of more than 8 people, and we don’t want reservations for 0 or less because that would be silly.
Inside Reservation() constructor method , write a conditional that uses || .
If count is less than 1 OR greater than 8 we want to write the following message: Invalid reservation! .
So this is the question and
public class Reservation {
int guestCount;
int restaurantCapacity;
boolean isRestaurantOpen;
boolean isConfirmed;

public Reservation(int count, int capacity, boolean open) {
// Write conditional statement below
System.out.println(“Invalid reservation!”);
this is the code i have written but my output is this

Invalid reservation!
Invalid reservation!
Reservation confirmed
Please enjoy your meal!
Reservation denied
Please enjoy your meal!

But if i write count in the place of guestCount in if condition in Reservation() constructor method the output is different.why is that?
Can anyone please help me with this??

Could you please post all of your code. Click the </> icon, and then paste your code in the space indicated to preserve formatting. I can tell you from what I see right now that the value of guestCount in your if() statement is 0 unless you assign another value somewhere else in your code. Why your output includes anything beyond ‘Invalid reservation!’ is impossible to tell without the rest of your code.