Conditional error if - Boolean Operators in Python

I did exactly according to the requirements of the question, but the system still gives an error

if you change the gpa on line 6 to a lower score:

gpa = 1.5

The condition still evaluates to true, showing you that you have the requirements to graduate, even though you don’t.

you have a problem with your right conditional statement

I still don’t quite understand what you mean, give me an example

If you want examples you should provide exercise url + your code (and not in a screenshot), so I can actual use your code to create examples

Thank you, I will send it to you later. However, I still don’t understand why the system gives an error

because even when you haven’t met the requirements to go college, your program still prints/informs you that you have. You have a problem with your conditional statement

I did what the exercise suggested, I thought for a while but still can’t find the mistake in my conditional.

screenshot again? Please just copy paste your code to the forum

not sure why the hint put square brackets, but using square brackets will create a list, is that what you want?

Here is my code, please help

statement_one =  False

statement_two =  True

credits = 120
gpa = 1.5

if credits >= 120 and gpa >= 1.5:
  print("You meet the requirements to graduate!")

you got rid of the square brackets, very good. Then you only need to use the right value in the comparison:

gpa >= 2.0:

and then you should be good

thank you so much, I did it