Condition and control flow


hmm im still not sure about your explanatioon on that buddy :confused:

please could u explain how one (me) would attempt this question here. I tried to reverse the false to make it a true but that didnt seem to work, any suggestions?

Python: Conditionals & Control Flow

The result of 1 + 1 is 2
There are some values there (1) and an operator (+)
After evaluating the expression (1 + 1) I end up with a result (2)

The instructions present you with some expressions containing values (True, False) and operators (not, and, or)

The instructions additionally say how the result should be presented, which is through assignment. Assignment should (hopefully) have been introduced in some of the earliest exercises.

So to do this exercise you should ensure that you know how to do assignment, and that you know what those operators do with those values. After knowing that, this should be very straightforward.


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