Conclusion pt 2


For this part I ended up passing it by myself, but I am kinda confused on why. I wrote my code
var myColor = "Orange";
if ("var myColor" .length === 3)
console.log ("I finished my first course!")
else myColor
console.log ("I didn't finish my first course!")

This was my first code and it didn't work for some reason (i am trying to get the first console.log to input.) It inputted the 2nd console.log. So i tried switching it around (the two console.log sentences) and it worked. But I am kinda confused why it worked this way and not the first way. I have a feeling it is a problem with my 2nd line but I am not entirely sure.


This should not have passed.

if (myColor.length === 3) {


Remember to never write a variable enclosed in quotes. That makes it a string literal, not a variable. Anything is quotes is string text.


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