Conclusion Pt 1, String Value?


In Conclusion Pt 1 of Get Started with Programming, It asks me to do the following,

On line 1, create a variable myColor and give it a string value.
On line 2, print the length of myColor to the console.

I have no idea what a string value is and how to apply it with the variable.
Now, i'm just stuck and confused..
Any help would be great


String type represents text. We create variables of this type by enclosing text in quotation marks.


var a = 8;                                    // a is a number
var b = "8";                                  // b is a string
var c = "Example of longer string value";
var myName = 'Maciej Wiercioch';              // you can also use single quotes


A string value is quoted text:

var aString = "This is a string value";

otherwise known in JavaScript as a string primitive.

Strings have a length property which we can query like so,


To log this value, we would write,

console.log(aString.length); // 22