Conclusion Part 2 Bug?



I completed the last lesson on this JS getting started.

here is my code:

var x = 10
if (x > 1 )
console.log("I finished my course!");
console.log("YOU FAIL");

the console outputs "i finished my course"

but the program fails me with:

"Oops, try again. It looks like you didn't log the correct string to the console! Make sure to use exactly the string shown."

the only instructions are:

1.Write your own if / else statement.
2.The only instruction is that the result of evaluating the statement is a log to the console of "I finished my first course!".

so I am unsure of what is wrong at this point..


The string you are attempting to print is wrong; it should be "I finished my first course!"


i'm having a problem on the same lesson

{console.log("I finished my first course")}
else{console.log("Well, Crap")}

anyone know whats wrong with it.
nvm i figured it out.


The problem with yours is you forgot the "!" at the end