Conclusion part 1 broken/issues


Hello everyone I am Youri Inluga and I am working on getting an overview from JavaScript, for a Coding Bootcamp I got accepted into at Seattle, Washington as Full Stack Web & Software Developer in Python. Even thought, my School algorithms apps does cover some of the basis of JavaScript but I am using Codeacademy to get a deeper understanding of the language, but recently this section of the basis of JavaScript is giving me problem with an executable program which I have input correctly according to the direction from the lessons. But the site itself is telling me that the code is bad when I know for a fact that isn't and I codeacademy should really look into to really fix this section as far input of the code. But you can send some screenshot some codes on the Conclusion part 1 that actually works.

Thanks for any help from the community site of Codeacademy


By using:

console.log =

you have wiped out the default code that makes console.log() work.

Don't worry though, it is an easy fix.

Take out the = and then reload/refresh your web browser.


Hello Albionsrefuge Thanks for that since it work like a clam.