Concatenating List

When I place in:

orders = [“daisy”, “buttercup”, “snapdragon”, “gardenia”, “lily”]

new_orders = orders + [“lilac”, “iris”]

I get an error that reads "Did you include “Lilac” & “iris” in orders when it is clear that I am concatenating the list into orders and for both list to go into new_orders. Why do I keep getting this error?

I think the lesson wants you to split it down more.
The first part wants just;
new_orders = [“lilac”, “iris”]
then in the next section, it has you joining them into orders_combined.

So, you’re doing it right, you’re just getting a little bit ahead.

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I’m concatenating 2 lists. I can’t add the new list onto the newer list without adding the new list to the original “orders” list. Do you understand better?

It’s this lesson, right ?

The first instruction is;
Jiho is updating a list of orders . He just received orders for "lilac" and "iris" .
Create a list called new_orders that contains our new orders.

So, it’s expecting you to create a new list called new_orders with just those two items in it.
new_orders = [‘lilac’, ‘iris’]

Then, when you get to the next instruction you use the original ‘orders’ list and concatenate it with new_orders to create a third list, orders_combined.
orders_combined = orders + new_orders

Oh okay, sorry about that. Thank you for the help, i’ve been stuck for 4 days LOL

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It’s ok. It’s gets you like that sometimes.