Computer Science / Should I change my path?

Hello there and good morning!

I have chosen computer science path and my brain is being torn apart (I like all the new information though)

When I do the “find-a-course” test, I get two results.

"Based on your responses we recommend:

Create a back-end App with JavaScript

Create a front-end App with React"

I am not sure whether computer science path and Python language is ok for a complete beginner like me who only has some knowledge of html and CSS. And I don’t like CSS.

So what should I do? finish the computer science course first, then just do some projects? Or should I follow the instructions and go with back-end app with JS and front-end app with React?

@system3890776988 Welcome to the forums! Personally, I find Python easier than JavaScript. So, if you’re struggling with Python, I would continue with that until you know it well, and then go for JavaScript and front/backend development.

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