Computer Science - Section 5

I’m just not getting Object Oriented Programming. I’m gonna take a day or two off from studying before this drives me bonkers.

I really want to understand it but it’s just too much for me. I don’t know why. Am I the only one struggling with it? I was wondering what other people have experienced and how they figured it out. Should I keep going and I’ll understand it more with practice as the lessons continue? That’s how it was for me when I learned about loops and lists. I also thought about just starting something different. I got a few books on python. Some for learning and some with puzzles and challenges. I could keep practicing until I get it, then come back. Any suggestions are appreciated.


When I first started, I got a few messages about codecademy tutors. However, I don’t see anything about it anymore. Are they still available? I wouldn’t mind using it with this.


What about it aren’t you getting?
The reason?


It is normal to feel confused about all of those. It’s a new concept. No one “gets” calculus right away


I understand the reason for it. I think I struggle with the concepts and implementation. I’m just not mentally seeing the connection between everything. This class uses a method from this class, etc. Plus I had just learned about instantiation and that already confused me enough.

I think I need a breather. I’m taking the day off to relax, then I’ll just do the whole section again.


Does it help to draw it out? I’ve been doing everything in my head so far. I haven’t tried it yet, but I’ve been considering maybe writing the code out on paper and draw arrows between classes and functions so I know where everything is going.


You can redo a section you don’t understand. If you need help with a problem, you can always ask for help here in the Forums, and someone should help you.

I hope this helps =)


Try taking a break from that path, and get into the rudiments with Learn Python 2 and Learn Python 3. The concepts might be covered in simpler terms so you can cement the ideas then resume the CS path.


That’s a good idea, thanks. I hadn’t thought of using those courses. I actually haven’t looked at anything outside of the Computer Science path or the Data Science path. I’ll have to look at the individual courses.