Computer science/python but only for mac os and linux? no windows?


I have to be honest this is kind of disappointing.
kind of just stopped in my tracks here.


You can find the commands for windows as well. The problem is that cmd (the windows command prompt) is just crap. Then you would need to use powershell, which is more verbose? Not sure what the right word is. powershell doesn’t have the simplicity of bash. Plus, powershell works really good for c#/.net or something. Not the direction codecademy focuses on

lot of developers use mac and many servers are linux. So knowing some bash is quite useful.

you can just continue, and find the windows equivalent commands on the internet


Thank you for a great explanation on this. I did move to the python course as that was my focus for the time being.


If you really want to keep using Microsoft Windows, you could try Cygwin. Or setup some computer with GNU/Linux and sshd installed and use some Software like PuTTy to connect to it.


why? Python software can be developed on a windows machine, you don’t have to make a switch to linux.


I should have specified what one would probably try to achieve by doing the actions I mentioned earlier. If one wants to do stuff that is generally more common on Unix-like operating systems(like running the bash shell), one can do what I had written. If one just wants to use the Python interpreter, you don’t really need a Unix-like environment.


OP is taking the python course (computer science track), which includes a bit of bash, which (s)he doesn’t seem to want to learn.

i am surprised that you picked Cygwin over the windows linux subsystem?


Yeah, seems like I gave information OP didn’t really need.

I didn’t know it existed. Most of the times I have to use some computer that runs some MS OS it generally uses either Windows Vista, Windows XP or Windows 7 which don’t have it. Also the fact that Cygwin is licensed under the GPL is a plus to me.


You may have posted information I didn’t need per say.
However these are all things I would like to check out and learn about so it’s all useful :slight_smile:
I was doing the computer science path for my free trial because it included Python which i wanted to try out.
I have become a pro member at this point and will re visit bash and look into the other things mentioned here.
I have an old laptop,I am considering converting to Linux.

I appreciate people taking time to reply :slight_smile: