Computer Science Portfolio Project 1 'Dark Gnolls'


Welcome to Dark Gnolls - A Python terminal based story telling adventure game based off of… well, you know.

As a gamer with a passion in rpg’s and DND/tabletops, i wanted to explore concepts about the games that i know and love and see how they interact and cooperate on the most basic level. Namely, i wanted to explore the concepts of using OOP to learn how to describe objects and how their methods can expand from simple context to being complex systems describing a multiple actions. As i was going through this i realized there were simpler ways to wrap some of the code (i.e having methods for rolling chances, creating a list that appends and stores inventory) but i didnt want the game to grow too much past what is supposed to be a relatively basic scope.

Being that this is my first ever solo project and my first publish to GitHub, i am really hoping to learn about ways to simplify my code/understand what im trying to write better as well as pick up on important skill sets to know when linking to GitHub. Edits/Commentary are ABSOLUTELY welcome off the main tree!

Thanks and i hope you enjoy your time in Dark Gnolls!