Computer Science Path Updates!

Hi moderators, superusers, and learners from all over the world :wave:,

It’s Sonny again from Codecademy! I’m currently co-leading the Computer Science Domain team within the Curriculum team and we are reworking the Computer Science Path this year. There will be, not one, not two, not three, not four, but five tracks dropping in 2021:

  • CS101: Introduction to Programming (Just Released)
  • CS102: Data Structures and Algorithms (Coming Soon)
  • CS103: To Be Announced
  • CS104: To Be Announced
  • CS105: To Be Announced

As well as our first-ever Cybersecurity course! :exploding_head:

Take a look at some of the relevant resources:

We started the revamp from the very top with CS101 (a big update to Learn Python 3 that was released this week), and there will be big changes coming to CS102 in the next few months. We are very excited, but also know that there might be a few bugs here or there, so we are heavily prioritizing knocking those out quickly after each release.

Please let us know if you see any problems or have any feedback here~



That is good news, very good news. Looking forward to seeing what else shows up.

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