Computer Science path has never referred to or explained the pop method

These comments were made over a year ago. I can confirm that prior to this exercise, the Computer Science path has never referred to or explained the pop method. Would be useful for someone on the Codecademy team to look into this and add it to a previous lesson.

The real truth is that it didn’t need to come up before now. The concept is so blatantly simple that anyone who has a bare-bones understanding of list objects would welcome this new information without complaining that it was not taught previous to this. It’s one simple concept. Remove an item from a list and pass it on. How much explaining is needed even beyond this post? So it didn’t get mentioned before; so what? It’s here now. Look it up. No surprises it does what it promises to do. It even works on dict objects, too.

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Hi I’m sorry if my feedback came off as complaining - that wasn’t my intention. It was simply to provide Codecademy feedback on something they may want to look at. I appreciate the services Codecademy provides and the use of this forum. I previously tried a different service to learn programming prior to trying Codecademy and find the services provided here are far superior. Sorry for any frustration my post may have caused.

We have been listening to the same comment for years, and have run out of ways to respond yet again. Platform and LE concerns belong on the Bug Reporting channel where something might actually result. From our experience, very little results from any gripes that appear on the forums, apart from dudes like me getting their back up. My bad.

FTR, I don’t believe my response above was inappropriate, just shockingly honest. To give CC feedback the best way would be to use avenues they already provide. It does not take using the forum as a megaphone. That’s not one of the avenues provided.

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