Computer Science or Computer Science Engineering for programming?

If I want to build applications for mobiles or PC what would be the best degree?

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Hi Balint2,

I am currently in school to start my computer engineering degree, I have this same exact question. If you have had any luck with any information, please let me know.

compsci major is the best, comp engineering is basically half compsci half electrical engineering

I feel like every school is a little different. But I think most of the time, it’s not Computer Science vs Computer Science Engineering. It’s Computer Science vs Computer Engineering.

(For example, my undergrad had Computer Science & Engineering, and also had Computer Engineering).

If you want to build apps for mobiles or PC, then definitely pick Computer Science. That’s focused more on the software side.

Computer Engineering on the other hand is more of a combination of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. It focuses more on hardware and the software interfaces for those hardware.