Computer Science Independent Project #1 – Coin Flip

Project: Coin Flip

This project will take you off-platform and get you started in your own developer environment! Never done that before? Not to worry - we’ve shared some resources to help you down below. This project can be completed entirely on your own - or, you can join the #comp-sci-buddies in the Codecademy Lifelong Learner Pro community and find someone to work with! Jump to the community support section to hear more about this.

The project is broken down into a set of user stories for you to follow. User stories are likely something you will see more and more of as you progress in your journey as a developer. They are short, simple descriptions of a feature told from the perspective of the individual using that feature. The goal of each user story is to describe to you, the developer, what the feature or application needs to do, while providing you with enough flexibility to determine the best way to make that happen.



Build a console application that allows the user to guess the outcome of a random coin flip.


In order to complete this project, we suggest that you have familiarity with the content in the following courses or lessons from the Codecademy Computer Science Path:

  1. Milestone 1

  2. Syntax

  3. Functions

  4. Milestone 2

  5. Command line

  6. Milestone 3

  7. Control flow

  8. Loops

Suggested Technologies

Depending on where you are on your Path, there may be multiple technology options you can use to complete this project - we suggest the following:

  1. Python
  2. Command Line

Project Tasks

Get started - setting up your project

Since you won’t be completing this project in the Codecademy learning environment, you’ll need to find somewhere else to host your project! We’ve listed our recommendations below. For additional set-up information and guidance, please refer to the general resources section below.

  • If you’re not quite ready to get into all of the nitty gritty details of setting up your own local developer environment, is an amazing online tool that can help you spin up a web-based development environment with the click of a button. For this project, you’ll need a environment that supports Python 3.
  • Visual Studio Code: If you’re excited & ready to set-up your own local environment, we’ve got your back too. Visual Studio Code is a popular open source text editor that you will set-up & configure on your own device and can be used to develop websites and applications locally before pushing to production.

Basic Requirements

  • User Story: As a user I want to be able to guess the outcome of a random coin flip(heads/tails).
  • User Story: As a user I want to clearly see the result of the coin flip.
  • User Story: As a user I want to clearly see whether or not I guessed correctly.

Additional Challenges

Intermediate Challenge

  • User Story: As a user I want to clearly see the updated guess history (correct count/total count).
  • User Story: As a user I want to be able to quit the game or go again after each cycle.

Advanced Challenge

Let’s see if we can expand upon this challenge - what if instead of 2 options, there were 6?

User Story: As a user I want to be able to guess the outcome of a 6-sided dice roll (1-6), with the same feature set as the coin flip (see above).

  • You can add this directly to the existing program you’ve already written! As an additional challenge see if you can build the program such that the the user can choose between the two guessing games at startup, and possibly even switch after each cycle.

Resources & Support

Project-specific resources

  1. Coin flipping
  2. Python random module
  3. Dice
  4. Command line glossary
  5. Python documentation
  6. User Stories: What are they?

General Resources

  1. How to get set-up for coding on your computer
  2. What you need to know about Git, GitHub & Coding in Teams
  3. How developer teams work
  4. First steps in tackling a group project
  5. Resource on writing pseudocode to get started with off-platform projects
  6. Video on how to use Chrome dev tools

Community Support

Want to Looking for additional help or someone to work with (or somewhere to brag about your finished project)? Join our Codecademy Lifelong Learner Pro Community to meet other learners like yourself!

Once you’re done…

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