Computer Science, CS101 Snake game (Portfolio Project)

-My project is a terminal game called Snake.

-The main role of the project is just having fun playing an old game that reminds you of your childhood.

-The main idea of the project depends on: --Creating a Window which will represent the game’s border, --then creating the character which will represent the snake, NoteThere will be 3 characters, one for the head and two for the body* --then creating the character which will represent the snake’s food, --then creating the key events which will control the snake’s moves, --then creating the function that will append the same character as the snake’s character and creating the counter variable that will be increased by one --every time the first character of the snake which represents the head passes over the position of the the food’s character, --then creating the function that will end the game if the snake’s head passes over the border’s position or one of it’s body characters’ postion

-Techniques used: 1-Python programming language : (Imperative structured procedural programming paradigm). 2-Python Modules(Libraries) : Curses & Random.

Code’s link on github: GitHub - AlSir-Ahmed/Snake: Snake Terminal Game with Python.

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