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Hello! there I have joined codecademy this month and continue with it. Till now I have completed HTML and CSS which I found quite easy thinking I had no any computer science background. However, now I am in Java and I understand its power and my end goal is to be excellent at sql and python. My question is,

In the all given exercise I do understand context and many times i do it correct and many times I dont. But where I am having problem is whenever I am stuck and going in the forum to look for some idea then all the logic there is completely out of my context. Many people there seem to get it but I dont get it so is it because I am completely new or am I missing some basic. I am average at math and logic being human I think we all have but when you see other explaining if x = … or then it rotates my head. Please suggest me if there is some good book to understand the basic concept. Like before I did not know why computers understand 0 and 1, and if so then what about all the instructions we give. This now I became clear with a simple youtube video. But the basic of java or any language or logic or even basic of the maths that will help me in programming. Any ideas, everything is welcomed. Looking forward to your kind suggestions.


Congrats on your dedication to study. You should definitely stick to it.

Many people have different optimal learning methodologies, so you’ll have to adapt and find your best one over time:

For foundational theory, I recommend courses like intro to programming or intro to data structures from good universities, you can often check what books they use as reference material to get an idea (here’s an intro to programming link for MIT:

There are also great books. Some are language specific, some aren’t. My definition for a great book is one that not only conveys how-to knowledge but also clearly conveys theoretical knowledge (and why it’s important). You can often find these books on book-subscription services (scribd, packt) but sometimes the best ones you’ll have to buy (maybe you can find them used online). Check forums for discussions on the best books.

Bottom-line is, when you have a strong grasp of the fundamentals you’ll have a toolbox of techniques to face whatever challenges you may encounter (no matter the language).

Hands-on learning is also essential and crucial. I still find it’s important to supplement it with some theory but it depends on what you want to do (mainly for security issues and to know what’s the general view of best practice).

You may find as you study longer, the importance of some of these listed items will wax and wane.

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thank you for the refrence and kind reply. I will stick to it .

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