Computer browser problems


Ok, so I'm having a problem with my computer's web browsers.
I am not able to connect to many sites - unless they have https:// at the start.
The problem is mainly in chrome but Firefox is having problems too.
No problems in Edge whatsoever.

This works:

This doesn't:


Sorry I'm not good at asking for help on here... I normally give it :wink:


did you google: ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED? So far i know firefox and chrome are trying to make https the standard, no longer the insecure http

see, someone had the same question on quora


I'll get back to you on that.


I tried deleting Chrome completely, restarting and reinstalling, still no fix. Problem is on FF too so it's not a Chrome thing. I checked firewall - that's all ok...



Try an Incognito window in Chrome, that should eliminate add-ons as the problem.




Let's get the details here so that we can narrow down the search:



Firewall is on to block everything that is not on the list. Google Chrome and FF are both on the list, I checked.


And one more that I forgot, do you have an antivirus app running?

But I had the problem before installing that :confused: