"complie bug" in Taking a Vacation :(


My problem is in not nature, of typing the code or understanding it, but in compiling it. Unfortunately, if I code most of my mistakes come from typos or unintentional misplacing part of syntax (associated with dyslexia).

OK so the problem is as follow: when I click on the last exercise 7 “Run” button it changes into loading icon and that’s it, regadless of my action (rest does not solve the issue).
Nothing else happens. Cannot move on with learning, I reported the bug, which does not bring any solutions.

If somebody can help me I will be pleased to continue with a course.



Although ‘Taking a Vacation’ worked for me, this exact issue came up in ‘Chapter 5 -> Lists and Dictionaries -> A Day at the Supermarket -> Shopping at the Market’.


HI! :slight_smile:

Have u managed to sort it out somehow? Did you manage to contact somebody from codeaccademy ?

I assume we clicked sth wrong that was not established in the protocol and voila :stuck_out_tongue: I did try to restart the whole lesson, but this did not help.


I have been having the same problem with this section. I thought it was just me. I contacted support and they said they were going to fix it, but it has not been fixed yet.


I’ve got the same problem - the run button keeps on spinning and resetting exercises or restarting browser doesn’t help. Only message that keeps popping up is that the file has been removed.


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