Complexity after HTML/CSS?

I finished HTML, CSS, Sass, JavaScript, terminal, etc. I’m working on python now, and I’m starting to see the complexity of it compared to everything I’ve learned so far. It’s not discouraging, but I can definitely see the difference, and python is supposed to be an easy language to learn.

I guess I’m glad I started there. My hope was to master HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, and then tackle Python, but based on what I’ve read JavaScript goes REALLY far and will take quite a long time to perfect. Can JavaScript and python be learned at the same time, or would this be too much to undertake?


Python is an easier language then JavaScript.

The command line is only the basic commands, which is pretty easy. Html and css are just markup language, not that complex, but designing a nice site with html & css is a challenge (you have to support multiply browsers on different platforms)

You can learn python ans JS at the same time.

If you think python is complex, try C/C++, that will quickly change your view

Programming is about more then a programming language, its also about problem solving and design of your program.