Completly lost in the last part of the JS Introduction

Hello there,
My name is Guillaume and for the pasts few weeks i’ve been working on the JavaScript Introduction course.
Everything was going flawlessly until the last course : The 14th one, Requests.
It’s like there is one, or four missing courses between async function and this, and i don’t get ■■■■ at it.
Numerous of new keywords, uses and more that i’ve never heard of, I’m currently overwhelmed.
Is there any course / tutorial that you could suggest me to take before I can retake this one ?
Thanks !

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Did you read everything? Sometimes you just overlook a few things.


Well, the whole course was pretty much about copy/pasta the instruction to get used with get/post boilerplate, which doesn’t work very well since the rest of the code that is there to “support the course” use a ton of vocabulary that never where used before (like : “document.querySelector(’#input’)” , “inputField.value” , “responseField.removeChild(responseField.firstChild)”, “submit.addEventListener(‘click’, displaySuggestions);” and i could goes on for 20 lines like this.

I might have missed a few, sure, but missed like 20 different keywords?


Please, somebody post a link to the exercise (URL in location bar of that page).


My bad


Also, I was able to carry on with the course, but didn’t understood nor retain anything from it. Since everything was about to follow the instruction without any thought whatesoever.
If this will be explained in another topic it’s not that bothersome, but if i need to have a good understanding of this to carry on i’ll need to rework it somehow.


I’m currently going through this lesson and having the same issue. It’s like this one was written for people way beyond the experience level of all the others. Nothing is explained hardly at all. It just tells you what to type in and then it works, but I have no idea HOW it works. I can’t tell what parts can be changed as needed and which parts are specific to the particular API they’re using (had to google what an API is because it doesn’t explain that either).

This section seems crucial to being able to actually use all of the Javascript knowledge from the rest of the course, so it’s disappointing for it to not be explained very well.


Had to :sweat_smile:


did you manage to solve it? that project is too complicated i’m so stuck with it!

Nah, this one made me swap from JS to python, and later on took on java :sweat_smile:
I’ll probably come back to it with more programming knowledge than I had at that time to help me understand it all.

I don’t remember about what was the whole lesson, but if you want to stick to JS my best advice would be to search for different platforms with tutorials instead of tunnel vision with codecademy.
Some of the lessons here are great, other not that much, but there is plenty of greats ones elsewhere.

Won’t advertise for them here but if you search things like “javascrip tutorials” on google or youtube you’ll most likely have a shittons of available courses


thats unexpected :smiley: