Completion of Codecademy courses? Certificate/Diploma

Hello I have a question about Codecademy…

Upon completing the courses do users receive some form of certificate/diploma that would be accepted that could be used to show potential future employers and/or schools?

If not do you ever plan to do this as I think this would be a huge vantage point to both coding academy and to the people using coding academy cademy. Especially people who pay into the monthly Pro membership.

Please let me know as I have sent sentence talk emails and have not received any direct/proper response to answer my question. Thank you.


You could always show them the completions on your account.

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If you show a piece of paper (a certificate) someone who interviews you has to know the course/site. It is much more impressive to continue the projects of codecademy after you finished, and show them what you build them.


@cadecodes and @stetim94 both have good answers, but to answer your question more directly:

Nope. You could put a link to your badges, but there’s no certificate.

I’d go with Stetim94’s approach though, creating your own projects. Even though a lot of companies want the certificate, I think that what you’ve actually done is worth a lot more :slight_smile:


Regarding the lack of a certificate:

The value of a certificate can be debated and is relative in perspective of future employers.
From the students perspective it would serve as positive reinforcement. For example I held a few sales positions in telemarketing at $7.50 an hr. and the main motivator was 10-20% commission depending on sales. But I witnessed a striking difference between my first job to the second. At the second in addition to hourly & commission they would have contests. Most sales for day, week, and month, along with a playful and positive atmosphere. What they were doing worked so well that a year later I went back to my former employer trying to tell him about it and how he could triple the sales, but I was a young 22 yr old and of course he didn’t want to take advice from a 22 yr old. I guess the point I’m trying to make is that something as simple as a fancy certificate given at the end of each course whether they chose to charge $1.99, $19.99, or be free, could and my logic tells me would increase users of Codecademy. Also you could look at from this perspective, Swag, like when Redbull gives out t-shirts. That person then wears the t-shirt and is a walking advertisement for Redbull.


I would buy and wear an “I learned Python at Codecademy” tee shirt. Even if my wife did call me a nerd.


She can call you whatever she wants, but you’ll have a new skill that she doesn’t :wink:


I agree. Even when I was doing folding@home, they had a simple link to generate a certificate for X amount of points earned. It’s not like it would cost codeacademy much of anything to implement a simple completion certificate that users could print. People get warm fuzzy feelings when they have a certificate. Also, as you mentioned, if codeacademy wanted to charge a small fee for it, it would just be extra revenue.

What confuses me is it would be dirt easy to make a simple certificate generating script that puts the user’s name and course name onto a template. So there must be some active reason why codeacademy doesn’t want to do it. Perhaps they feel if they issue certificates, then they’d be perceived as responsible for verifying the level of knowledge a user has? I think that’s flawed thinking, but it may be their thinking.

well, w3schools gives certificates, many employers will trash CV which mention them. For people who don’t know this, this could really suck.

I think Codecademy wants to prevent such a scenario


This makes no sense seeing as how they can just claim we never did the course work ourselves and that our work isn’t valid for their company. Personally I think a certificate of completion is not only physical proof you succeeded at completing a course but it also is a symbol of all the effort you put into your work to complete said course. So I think this website should offer certifications as a show to our understanding and knowledge of programming and our dedication to success. Maybe take it into consideration?

@hellebore0926 Codecademy recently announced “Codecademy Pro Intensive”, which gives you a certificate:


Yeah but it costs money and what about the members of the community who do not have money to spend on the courses. None the less for anyone who wants to get a certification and is willing to work for it here is a link to an online certification test that is FREE: TestDome Certifications