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I’ve recently completed a skill path - “Analyze Data with Python”. Unfortunately, I did not receive the certificate of completion :frowning:. Who can I reach out to to address this issue?


Hello @chongwei_p, welcome to the forums! You could always check the help desk, and inquire there. Alternatively, you could wait for @lilybird or @alyssavigil (CC team members) to get back with a response.

Hi there! You can see all your certificates via your profile page:

Be sure you’re logged in.

Hi @lilybird , I dont seem to find it on my profile page. This is my progress with the skill path

But it isnt the same on the profile page: @lilybird

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hi @codeneutrino thanks for linking me up :slight_smile:


Hey, this is Abhilekh Sharma I’m also facing same issue right now I have completed the two skill path but haven’t received any certificate yet for both.
Pls help

Hello @abhilekh07, welcome to the forums! Have you tried going to your page, like in @lilybird’s post, and clicking the view certificate button?


@codeneutrino I have tried that link but haven’t work.
@lilybird pls help.

What comes up when you click on the link?

The older certificates only. Not the two skill path courses.


I have done these two skill path but haven’t received certificate

Hi, @abhilekh07 You need to visit your profile page to see the certificate. Click on your avatar in the upper right-hand corner > visit My Profile

Hey @lilybird I have seen there but there not a certificate for both analyze data with python and visualise data with python

Hmm, I see. Please file a bug report with our Customer Support team via the Help Center:

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@lilybird I have submitted the request but no action has been taken

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I’m sure someone from the team will get back to you soon!

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I’m also having the exact same issue, except with the computer science career path.

Hello @java6985447701 and welcome to the Codecademy community :grinning:

I recommend reading the above, as it explains the actions to take.

I just completed Python 3 course but I didnt get the certificate
I have checked my profile page where rest of my certis are but this one is not there
Please Help