Completing the loop 6/7 not validating


<!DOCTYPE html>
		<title>Your own do-while</title>
        <link type='text/css' rel='stylesheet' href='style.css'/>
    $loopCond = false;
		do {
			echo "<p>The loop ran even though the loop condition is false.</p>";}
		while ($loopCond);
		echo "<p>Now the loop is done running.</p>";
        //write your do-while loop below

this is code is not running.

Question about 2. Declare your variables

Ok, that's a start. Unfortunately this code seems to be correct (at least for me) but I'm still not able to pass with it... I'll keep on it.


it is true, make sure you write things on the exact lines as the page tells you, the codechecker it is half brain


Hi blogwhiz84121,
The while() will execute the nested statement(s) repeatedly, as long as the while expression evaluates to TRUE.
As it's set to false it will only execute once.

I've also had a problem with the exact lines so be aware of your answer. Mine is here: