Completely new to coding what IDE should I use?

I am currently working on completing the Python lessons on codecademy and I really like the editor and console they have on the web browser. I tried downloading an editor called Atom and ended up uninstalling it because it couldn’t take user inputs in the console like the codecademy web browser does.

I just need something simple that supports the Python 2.7 language.

I already have the Python IDLE installed and I’m looking for something a bit more user friendly.

IDLE is user friendly if we don’t need bells and whistles. To run code from the editor, Save (Ctrl S) and Run (F5).

Lines that have previously been written to the interactive console and entered may be re-entered, edited and entered anew.

>>> a = 0
>>> a = int(not a)    # this line is repeated
>>> a                 # as is this one
>>> a = int(not a)
>>> a
>>> a = int(not a)
>>> a

Just click at the end of the line and hit Enter, then edit or re-enter as desired.

We see that print is not needed since the response is echoed immediately to the console.

Python IDLE is one of the best simple and user friendly python IDE’s you can use tab for auto completion but if you want more feature rich i would suggest you to try Spyder(but maybe will complicate the things even more)

Hello, actually Atom can take user inputs in the console, you just have to download the correct package for it.

@mtf is right though; the Python IDLE is perfect for a simple and effective code editor.