Completely lost

I’m 32% of the way through the Full Stack Javascript course. There were 2 projects I couldn’t do so far and now I am doing 14 exercises in the Intermediate Javascript Practice and don’t understand many of them even after I am shown the solution. This has been a dilemma every time I have tried to learn programming. I get to a point where the complexity is too difficult for me. I was hoping CodeAcademy would be different because of all the practice material. I still have 7 weeks to go in this 10 week course and am wondering what the probability is that I will be lost for the remainder of the course. There will be several other topics including Git which I don’t think I will have much difficulty with as I already use it. Not sure if I can still get something out of the material moving forward. Anyone taken this course? Does it get any easier?

@jimheil One thing to consider is that the progression of lessons is not designed to be a smooth slope. Some lessons ideally require a couple of practice mini-projects (on your own) to really start to gel and that number is going to be different for everyone.

In my own experience for example I studied 2 years of java before doing the CS course and even though I got through it without getting stuck, there is nothing that’s going to make me digest data structures without a lot of foundational extra study. “Data structures” is a crucial CS college course (with a prereq of discrete math usually) so it’s hard to condense in a few lessons. I thought of the CS pro path as more like an “intro” course as to what are are some core ideas in programming.

So yea, don’t be discouraged by the progression rate. As long as you either practice and/or learn something new every day it will add up. When it all “clicks” is different for everyone. And there is always room for growth no matter how good you are.


Don’t feel pressured to finish the course in 10 weeks. It’s way too much material to properly digest in that time frame. I started the full stack web developer path around mid May, lets say 16 weeks. I’m at 31% completed. I’ve been able to do all the projects and labs so far. Some labs have taken me more than a week to complete (the flexbox CSS lab for example. Took me a while to understand the flexbox model). I know you might have certain pressures on you to finish it in 10 weeks like desperately needing a job, but this material needs to be learned at a slow pace. You’re hurting yourself if you try to rush through the lessons. It’s a marathon and not a sprint although I know that is not what you want to hear. Just keep in mind that if you can’t complete the do it yourself projects, it’s gonna be rough to land a job. Practically all developer jobs make the prospective candidates take some sort of coding test.

:wink: I got stuck on flexbox too. That was the first project that set me back, but was able to eventually figure out the solution. I was on pace to finish in 8 weeks before that. I wasn’t able to figure out the Mini-Linter project so skipped it. Same thing for the Meal Maker project. Skipped. When I hit the Code Challenges for Intermediate Javascript I realized I had no idea how to complete most of them. I spent a fair amount of time on all of them, before I gave up. I switched to the Building Web Apps with Flask course yesterday. I am on a 90-day free membership and am still not sure I will continue after that. If I can gain enough confidence that I can complete the programs, I will consider it.

Just switching to the Flask course for now. I am really trying to be attentive along the way. It is a lot to digest. I am actually using these courses as an intro to become more familiar with programming before I pay for a Bootcamp. I’ve got a couple picked out, but not sure I have the confidence to go through with them.

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If you’re doing flask I also really recommend Corey Schaffer’s series of videos and Miguel Grinberg’s book (and blog and videos). It’s a lot to take in if you haven’t done frameworks before. It takes a long time to feel comfortable at every level with it.

Thanks for the heads up! I will probably go as far as I can with this course and look through other resources when I hit the wall or when my free trial ends.