Completed the new JS course part 1, now what Codecademy?

I’m a beginner promgrammer. I learned HTML and CSS before and I just completed the new JS course part 1. Now should I just wait for part 2? They said it’ll be out soon. If you put a new course put all of it not by parts or just leave the old one ! Now I finished the new one part 1 but then I saw that the old one has more content but I can’t do it because 70% of the things in it I already know and I have to go through them to reach the things I don’t know. I could’ve done the old course from the beginning and not waste time.

Go build a website, download a text-editor (atom) on your computer, go build something.

Find useful Documentation (MDN, w3c, not w3schools)

Learn more from freecodecamp

There is still plenty to learn and to do :slight_smile:

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Agreed with the post above.

You seem keen on improving your JS skills, which is great.
You could indeed go through freecodecamp, or something like

There’s so much more though, even on Codecademy. How about jQuery? React? Angular? You said that you learned HTML and CSS, but do you know Responsive web design?

I think there are many more aspects yet to web development to be covered, that should keep you busy for a while.

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I’m basically just going to agree with what the others have said.
When you finish a course, you can’t rely on Codecademy to teach you everything else.
Great coding ability comes with practice, so I would recommend this: Think of an idea. It doesn’t matter how ambitious the idea is, just think of it and say to yourself, “Cool! Let’s build that”.

Get started - Build the bits you know you can build. Then, when you reach a part you don’t know how to do, look it up. I find this is a great way to learn while being productive.

Also, I agree with @ghostlovescore in saying that there is no limit to what you could learn in terms of web development - jQuery, React, Angular, and more that aren’t on Codecademy!
All of these things are good to learn and great to use.

Half of learning to code is learning things for yourself.

Also, if you want to go back and do the old course then I wouldn’t hesitate. If you already know everything that’s in the early stages of that course, then just go straight to the instructions of each task and complete them - you’d probably get through it pretty quickly, and it would be a good refresher on the basics!

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

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