Completed React-Reddit Project - Reddit Charged

It isn’t easy to estimate how long this project took as I did little bits between work and school—most likely under 40 total hours. I started by styling the page to a wireframe and then getting the async thunks working. About halfway through, I learned about RTK queries, which greatly simplified the code. However, when I switched, I started getting many CORs errors, and I could no longer fetch from and had to change my base URL to I’m still unsure why the RTK query allowed one but not the other. This project wasn’t necessarily complex, as things made more sense as I progressed and realized what a challenging app would look like along the way. The entire process benefited my understanding of the redux toolkit and the evolution of REACT apps, and I plan to adjust it more in the future when I catch up with other things. I will deploy this app in the projects section of my website, but I currently have it under construction, so I temporarily deployed it through netlify. Any feedback, questions, or suggestions are accepted and appreciated.

Check it out here:
GitHub Repo: GitHub - chrosslaw/react-reddit-app

Good luck to all those still working on it.

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Please check out for the old version of the Reddit-charged app.
Additionally, I enjoyed this project so much that I remade it with the next.js framework, which I highly recommend.
GitHub - chrosslaw/next-js-rest-api