Completed my new portfolio website

Hello, I recently did a complete revamp on my portfolio website. I am at the end of the Front-End Engineer path and figured it was time to make an update. Please give me any and all feedback! I tried to go for a much more minimal approach and let the design and projects speak for themselves. I need to pad it out with a few more advanced projects but feel free to critique those as well, only the Reddit Browser will likely make it into the final project.

In particular I need some help with the mobile view. For some reason when I resize the page in DevTools from my laptop everything looks fine across screen sizes. But when I view the actual site on my phone it looks different. The main differences are that the entire screen scrolls slightly which is not what I want and the active view box in the photography section is broken. None of that happens on desktop however… If you have any ideas please let me know!

See site here…